Hello folks

It has been a different type of year. I started SEH Unlimited LLC and I have had difficulties. The year is ending up better than when it started. When the pandemic started and didn’t go away some would say not a great time to start a business. Thankfully I only had to close my doors for a few months. When I decided to re open I figured I’d do in stages. I wasn’t making any sales. I didn’t want to loose my skill so I decided to make soap and donate to local foodbank. I donated 4 loves I didn’t count the bars. I wish I could have done more. This year I pledge to make an extra bar with every order or batch I make so I will have more for donation.

I did this because designer soap is a nice thing to have, and with so many problems for everyone I wanted to share a little happiness and joy. Please support me and other local small businesses. I am still working on building my website. Please direct msg me at sehunlimited@gmail.com with the subject line ORDER. Right now I am customizing orders at no extra charge. You can let me know what colors, and scents.

Fruit Medley Oatmeal soap