Night out with MOM

One night mom and I had just a few dollars and a tanks of gas. We were living in what was considered a bad area of town. There wasn’t much of anything to do if you didn’t have a lot of money. For us at that time any money was a lot of money. We decided to head north on I-5 to check out the drive. I had a disposable camera taking photos of the trees dreaming about writing different prose for each tree I focused on. In the back of my mind I knew I wasn’t going to get the photos developed. Off in the distance we see a fair. We go to the fair it was late enough that they weren’t charging to get in anymore and things were shutting down for the night. We had $5 and walked around. There wasn’t much to see the sparkling lights were shutting off here and there, and people were leaving as we were walking in. That $5 was going to make a memory tonight. There was a guy taking polaroid photos for $6. We told him we only had $5. He took the $5 and the photo. I held on to the photo for a while. This was before everyone had internet at their fingertips. I ran across an ad to have the polaroid enlarged. I cut the ad and kept it. When I got a good paycheck I spend $36 to have the photo enlarged with a silver frame. Time moved forward and I moved away from mom. I took the photo and it was hanging on my wall. One day I looked and the picture was missing. I used to smoke pot at the time and thought someone messing with me. I looked for it for days. One day I went over to moms and there the picture was mounted on her wall. Over the years it became our game to steal the picture from each other unnoticed. We continued to do this until she died. I miss her dearly. We took $5 and made a lasting memory that I’m sharing with you. Please take care of yourself and those around you. Make a memory and share it here.

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