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I can’t sleep at night.

I struggle with my troubles.

I can’t sleep at night

Everything that has gone wrong is rolling around my mind.

Thoughts are rolling so fast and it’s so blurry I can’t tell what is bothering me.

is it my health, my job, my money or my relationship?

I am trying to figure out what I did. Every since I was a kid

I struggle with my troubles.

I can’t sleep at night.

Everything that has gone wrong is rolling around my mind.

I can’t find what it is that I did this time. So the conclusion must be that someone did something to me.

I’m so bothered that I can’t sleep.

I wrack my brain over everything. I find myself regretting that I can’t sleep.

Then I see the clock. I have 5 more hours before I have to get up and go, but I can’t sleep.

Everything is rolling…. BEEP BEEEEEEP BEEP

rise and shine, get your butt in line, be ready to go.

I tell myself “Make sure you laugh today.”

By Sonya Howard, 4/24/2021 @ 4am “I can’t sleep at night”

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    1. Very nice. A lot of people have those crazy nights. I’m writing something I think I can share. Keep checking back

    1. I like writing about my feelings. It helps me to move on and appreciate where and what I have around me. Thank you for the concern

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