Story of Hope after 2020

I have had a lot happen in my life. Most people would not be proud of the past. I’m proud not of what happened, but I’m proud that my hope or optimism were not silenced.

I like watching Crime shows. I love a good true crime drama. When the network came out showing true crime shows I was hooked. I loved to watch them all. I have discovered that if you watch the same show told by different journalist you can discover 90% of the truth. Anyway back to me and my epiphany. Life started out kind of rough for me. I used to get bothered because people felt sorry for those around me, but never me. At least I didn’t feel it. Statistically I was supposed to have killed myself by the time I was 16. I’m sure I’m supposed to have drug, job, relationship issues. I have made it way past 16, happily married, employed and home mortgage owner. I know it sounds hokey to say I’m blessed, but I am. I’m not blessed with items, but I am blessed in being able to form a cognitive thought. I can look back on my learning experiences some I wonder what I was thinking and others I understand I am a work in progress. I’m not the smartest person in the world or even in my house for that matter. I enjoy sharing my feelings in writing. Thank you very much for reading.

At the end of 2020 I was looking forward to 2021. Two weeks into 2021 a tree fell on my home/shop and I lived in a hotel for 4 months. We were hoping to be back into our hope in just a couple of weeks, but it took longer. After all the delays and hiccup’s. I met a lot of really nice people. I stayed at the Holyday Inn Express, Marysville WA 98271–EX–US-_-SEAMV

I met some of the nicest people working there. They were very accommodating to the many patrons who were there for many different reasons. In the area I have stayed in a fair amount (for me)of the hotels in this area. So while the friendly people there were taking the best of care for many patrons. I have to give this place a personal review. I want to say I didn’t really go anywhere, but I am back.