dead end road sign

The Sign Said.

I am inside this big old house. It has a million rooms to explore. Each one more beautiful than the one before. I have seen them all time and time again. At first I thought I wanted to live here. Now I don’t even want to visit here. I just walk around I get no rest; I get no peace. I have tried every way I can think of to get out so I can be at ease. I am lonely tired and cold in this house. I can’t wait to find the door that will let me out. I walk through the corridor down a long hall. All of a sudden it’s really dark, so I feel my way along a wall. Each nook and cranny is one I recognize from having walked these halls many times. I know that I am getting close. “I’m going to get out this time.” Suddenly there is a blinding light in front of me. I start to walk toward it, but there is something walking out. It laughs and screeches “You’ll never get out!” I start to run the faster I try to go the slower I get. Then a hand on my shoulder and it’s cold and wet. I flashed back to the day I entered this house.

An old tattered sign.

"This is a house that you will not believe, A place you can enter, but you cannot leave.
 So admire from the outside, but don't go in! It has a game to play that you cannot win.
I have warned you once so heed the advice. GET YOUR BEHIND OUT OF HERE!" 
I remember being warned twice.

I remembered all of this as I was falling to the floor. I opened my eyes and what do I see? It took a moment for me to realize an open door before me. I ran outside breathed the fresh air and rolled in the grass crying “I beat you. I am out!” I heard the door slam from behind. I looked at the door and I couldn’t believe it. The sign was true once I entered the house I could not leave it.

Sonya Howard 1995