Where you been?

I have just participated in my first Bazaar this weekend at the Everett Mall for the American Cancer Society. I made some sales, got some exposure and made some contacts. I realized that part of me is afraid of success. I found myself hoping no one would come by then I could sit and think bad stuff about myself. I am still growing and plugging away at it. I have a You Tube channel called SEH Unlimited and SEH unlimited presents. The unlimited channel I have been posting videos on how I create my products. on the SEH unlimited presents. I want to show my support for others just starting out, and I’m going to start a video log called unsolicited advice.

The reason I want to do the unsolicited advice is because I could have used the advice when I was coming of age and after I came of age. I didn’t have anyone to teach me. I am thinking I want to start with people either just starting or putting life back on track. I have worked in the customer service arena for over 25 years. I have come across people that needed a little assistance in their personal life. For example I spoke with a customer whose spouse passed away and this person didn’t know how to write a check to pay the bills. They didn’t know who to ask. So they gathered their bills and called each company. They were given options to make payment online. This person was on the verge of tears, and told me they just want to write a check and they never have done that before. I walked them thru how to write a check and what each area was for. They were very happy.

None of us know exactly what any of us are going thru. I would like this project to be part of my giving back. I would like you to feel comfortable about a subject… Personal emotional growth related please.

I have experienced the best of times and the worst of times. One thing that sticks out to me is that I always felt that no one went through what I went through. No one understood. When I realized that Not everyone went through exactly what I did doesn’t mean they didn’t go thru something equally as traumatic. I would like to share my what I learned from my experiences so that someone else can benefit and avoid the pitfalls. I will start posting more soon. I hope to have a regular series in the year of 2022. Please let me know what you are interested in. I am planning my first one to be on renting. That is easy I would like to help others avoid some of the inconveniences that I survived. I will post the video and create a post here. Please watch out for me www.facebook.com/aaasoap, or https://www.facebook.com/sonya.howard.982/