unfinished story I started. Tell me what should happen next.

Go fish 

                                                                                           written by  

                                                                                       Sonya Howard 

“Momma can we go to the fish store?  Momma please Please Momma PLEASE?” The lady looks down at her daughters’ big begging eyes as she is squirming to get her hand away.   Janet investigates the pet store and sees the woman behind the counter that she’s knows from countless visits to the pet store.  She walks in there almost runs because her daughter has given up trying to get away, so she starts to run with Mom in tow.  The lady says, “Hello my favorite fish is back!”  Janet smiles “She is so happy in here, but we’ll be back I have some business I need to take care of” The little girl pleads “Momma can’t I stay until you get back?”  and she looks at the lady behind the counter with her biggest doe eyes and blinks a few times.  The lady looks at her and smiles “You know she is no trouble here.  In fact, I just put her on the big screen and get more business.”  Janet looks Shelly in her eyes “Really?”  Shelly smiles “You go do what you need to do we’ll be here waiting.”  So, Janet bends down kisses her precious on the cheek “I don’t want to hear any problems ok?”  Meesha starts toward the fish.  Janet jerks Meesha’s hand “No problems!” “OK Momma… I promise” Janet nods her head at Shelly who waves back at her as she leaves the store. 

It isn’t long before Janet reaches her destination… the meeting that he has been so worried about. “Hello Jack.” 

Meesha runs behind the aquariums and starts pretending like she is a fish swimming with them.  True to her word Shelly puts her on the big screen.  People start coming in looking at the child they at first think is swimming in the fish tanks. Meesha looks at the people and some she waves at, but mainly sort of swims with the fish.  Something catches her eye.  She stands from behind the tanks as if she is all wet shakes her hair and quietly walks toward the snake cage.  There is a new snake in there.  She stands outside the cage and squirms mimicking the snakes’ movements.  One of her squirms takes her too close to the glass and the snake strikes at her.  She moves back and squirms around where the snake would have struck had there been no glass between them.  The snake is taken aback when Meesha strikes at it.  Meesha and the snake are in striking positions staring at one another.   

“Janet I’ll make sure you get the meeting with Mahem.”  Jack busy rustling his clothes back together… “Was she good?”   “Janet you always know how to say hello. So, you got that contract for me? You could have had that meeting already you know.”  Janet grabbed Jack by his tie “I just knew you were going to ask about that! I just came here to tell you that I have heard that you have no contact with Mahem! The sad part is that you want to screw my nephews career like you tried with Mahem. What is your motivation?” Jack backs up… “Listen Janet he’s married now.  Meesha isn’t from when we were in high school Meesha came just after Mahem got married and they have been married for almost 5 years now.  He still doesn’t know about her. His wife will take him to the cleaners!”  Janet let go of his tie “You lied to me to get to my nephew and I want you to know you will never see a dime behind him” As she started to leave he reached across and grabbed her by her sweater. “I want that contract, or you will be sorry!” She pulls away and walks quickly down the hall as he is threatening. “You will be sorry! Remember you have a little one to think about.”  

Janet is walking thru the mall tears welding up in her eyes when she gets to the pet shop and on the big screen is Meesha. She smiles as she realizes that her daughter is very happy.   Meesha has a person holding her so she can swim like a fish without walking.  Her cheeks are huge like holding in air as she flails in imaginary water.  The stranger carries her smiling as he realizes how infectious a Childs happiness is.  Janet looks around her and sees other people enjoying the fish girl show.  She smiles and wipes her eyes as she walks back into the pet shop. 

Shelly noticing her since she came to watch asked “Is everything alright? Are you a right?”  Janet catches Meesha as she runs to hug and jumps for a kiss.  Meesha noticing her mother’s lack of attention at the same time as Shelly “What’s wrong Momma?”  Janet looks at Shelly “Everything is ok. (as she strokes Meesha’s hair) You gonna meet your daddy tonight. What do you think about that?”  Meesha gives a polite smile and rest her head on her Mommas shoulder “That sounds ok.”  Janet hugs her “I thought you’d be more excited about that.”  Meesha Smiles “I am… Do you mean it? (Meesha lifts her head off her mother’s shoulder) Mommy who is he? are we going now? Mommy do I look ok? I gotta do my hair!”  Janet’s eyes meet Shelly’s with a hopeful glance. “Ok my animal child…  We meet him tonight. Let’s go get ready.”   

Meesha glances over her mother’s shoulder and waves to Shelly. 

Janet’s mind is running a hundred miles a minute about Jack, her bad week at work, how long until she remembers exactly where she parked the car and Meesha is asking a hundred questions a second and Janet gives the same answer to each. “In due time my child in due time.”  Janet smiles at the light in her daughters’ eyes and it gets her mind off everything.  There is Salvation.  Meesha named the car Salvation.  She opens the car Meesha gets in “Salvation guess what I’m gonna meet my daddy tonight! Isn’t that coo-” Janet closes the door and makes sure it is secure.  She walks to the driver’s side and wonders how her child can have conversations with people, animals and (chuckling to herself) even objects.  She gets into the car makes sure Meesha and herself are seat belted. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK on her window.  She and Meesha look over; it’s Jack.  Janet rolls down the window and gives Meesha a reassuring look, but notices Meesha’s eyes are fixed on something.  Janet looks toward the direction and Jacks pants are unzipped.  While zipping up his pants Jack says, “You forgot these.”  He takes a good look at Meesha.  “I wish my kids looked that much like me. These are VIP tickets for the two of you and this is what I can do. (he put his hands up as if to be helpless) You get in, you enjoy the concert, you get backstage and if he wants to talk to you he will.  If I was able to manage him I would manage his personal life too.  The show starts at 8 bring your cousin.” and he walks away.  

“WHO WAS THAT? WE ARE SUPPOSED TO SEE DADDY TONIGHT! You know that man had his fly unzipped and his chicken was coming out! (Meesha folded her arms across her chest thinking then she grabs the tickets from her mother’s hand) Mahem?  MAHEM! You’re gonna skip seeing Daddy tonight cuz of that fool?  I heard his stuff It’s…. it’s well I don’t know, but I don’t like it.  I mean he’s ok and stuff but I wanna meet my Daddy?!”   Janet smiles “You are going to meet your daddy tonight and he’s gonna be at the Mahem concert tonight.”  Janet knows Meesha loves Mahem. “Momma he loves Mahem too!  We have that in common… Do you think we have other stuff in common?”  The questions started all over again.  Again, the same answer came thru “In due time my child in due time.”  Janet looks at her watch it’s 4:30 and she shakes her head “Meesha Mommie needs to get home as soon as we can get home, get ready and get to Mahem; so, I need you to look out, so we can do this.  Understand?”  “yes.”  

Meesha knows her job so she watches the traffic on her side of the car and thru the mirror wondering about why Meham, the man at the window, mom acting a little weird and meeting her Daddy issues came on the same night?  She is quietly watching the traffic as Janet drives.  The car is oddly quiet, but Janet knows if she gets Meesha talking she just won’t answer her questions, so she turns on the radio.  “Here’s Mahem (the song starts playing) This is dedicated to those of you who weren’t able to get tickets to tonight show.  The show sold out in less than an hour.  We have two tickets here for the 99th caller who can not only name this song, but the one that came out before it.”  Meesha thought that was an easy, but hard question.  Meham names his songs with numbers.  This track is called 22 the one before it is 21…  Just kind of different… each album is in a series like volume 1 has the first 10 songs volume 2 has the second 10 songs.  He says he is only going to make 10 albums.  Well he is good… then she smiles as she pretends to be hitting the drums while singing the song on stage.  Janet is driving and starts to drift back into the past. 

Not many people know where Mayhem’s music comes from…. Always touring or in the lime light no one can figure out where he gets the time to write his music. 

HONK  HONK HONK. Janet realized she had made several bad turns. 

“What’s wrong Mommy?” Meesha asked because she was jerked from one position to the next because of Janet’s driving. 

Janet couldn’t just say having bad memories because Meesha would like to know why. 

“Oooh listen baby they are playing more Meham.  I bet the 99th caller didn’t choose the right number.” She smiled. 

Meesha could tell from how her Momma was acting she wasn’t going to get an answer.  “Ok Momma.” 

“I’ll do my bath you pick out our clothes… I wanna look good!”   Meesha ran into the bathroom and took a bath. 

Janet took a short shower while Meesha was running her bath water and picked out the clothes.  She knew Meesha wanted to be the shining star.   

Meesha come out of the bathroom. 

Janet was already showered and on the phone with her mother. She interrupts her mother “My baby just came out of the bathroom all white…. She got into the powder… Mom I gotta go and get her ready.  Pray for luck and me gotta see what she did to the bathroom….  Love you both bye bye.”   

Janet rushes towards Meesha who has been transformed into what appears to be a powdered doughnut in the shape of a child.  “Don’t take another step.” Janet runs in and is taken aback that her tan and blue bathroom was now mostly white. She thought to herself [bathroom can come later we need to get ready and go] She got herself and Meesha ready. 

                                                                                                               Chapter 2 

Tonight, is the night Meesha is amazed as she walked in looking at all the people and the huge decorated ceilings she gets caught up in the designs on the ceiling. Janet grabs Meesha hand “C’mon” Meesha at her mom “Mommy where’s my daddy you said he was going to be here.” Jante smiled… “In due time child in due time” The questions started over again and the same answer came again and again. Janet heart started pounding so hard that her chest started to hurt because she didn’t want Meesha to be disappointed.  She wished that she had never mentioned Meesha’s dad! She started thinking about the past. 


“That’s Mahem!” 

“If you don’t pass this class you won’t graduate!”   

“When I release this, I won’t need a diploma!” 

“I know your stuff is good, but now you need to pass this class just in case things don’t take off as fast for you as you like.” 

“Ok, but the rent is due again and we still haven’t paid for last month.  I have two jobs all I’m asking is that you go to the welfare and get a check!  I support you baby, but I’m losing it between the jobs and our families, well my family anyway! Jo– MAHEM can’t you ask someone in your family for something?… I’m losing it… get a job, welfare check or get out! Just get out!”  Janet screamed with tears in her eyes. He angrily left saying to himself “She knows where I will be.” Janet watched as he left hoping he would come back with a job or something.  

                                                   Years went by he never came back. 

“You thought things wouldn’t work out, didn’t you?” 

Janet sits there “I knew you would work this thing, but at that time we had no food, about to get evicted and my father told me he wasn’t picking up the slack… all you had to do was say that you would get a job, but you wouldn’t even do that!” 

“Janet. shhh shhh let’s not go there.  I love you and everything will be just fine.” 

“remember this?” He slowly and deliberately kissed her on the neck in her favorite spot.   

“You are married now.” 

“SHHHH  Shhhh  don’t worry about that. We have some catching up to do.  How does that feel?” as he made a tale of kisses from her neck to her mouth. 

Janet forgot about everything and suddenly, she was 17 again watching the stars, feeling the heat welcomed with the cool breeze from the air conditioner… It was not only magic; but that was the night Meesha was created. 

A few weeks later when Janet knew she was with child she called the number Mahem had given her. 


“Can we meet?” 

Mahem gets a smile in his voice “It’ll be a little tough, but I think I can work it in.” 

Sometime later they meet at his producer’s house who met him at the door with keys to the villa. They slapped hands and he made sure Janet knew he was checking her out and winked at his “BOY”. 

They got to the villa and Mahem immediately wrapped his arms around her waist with a smile and leaned in for a kiss. Janet returned the kiss and told him they needed to talk. 

“What’s up baby?” 

“Mahem umm I’m pregnant.” Janet tried to read the look in his eye before he turned his head away and sat down on the couch. “Did you hear me? I’m pregnant. Mahem looks up reminded her that he was married and that things were not going to be easy, but inside he knew he wanted a child. 

“I’m happy. baby c’mere sit.”  

over the next two weeks Janet and Mahem caught up on old times under the guise of Janet being in the area and they were just high school buddies, so the wife didn’t mind. 

Janet got home from work anticipating her date with Meham.  She played her answering machine while getting dressed. “Hello this is Meham. I… can’t see you anymore (in the background “TELL HER NOT TO CALL ANYMORE!”) Janet knew that was his wife. before Mahem got off the phone he mentioned that he would pay for the abortion and hung up. She held the phone close to her and cried.  She didn’t consider getting rid of the baby but thought she could find the most expensive price for the procedure and take that money to make a home for her baby. Dad kicked in as expected.  The money from Mahem never came. 

                                                                                 PRESENT DAY 

They show up and the place is packed there are people everywhere.  “Mom where are our seats?”  Meesha holds her mom’s hand to make sure they stay close.  They look around and find their aisle. 

People were let into the building, but not the hall. Then there were people who seemed to flow like water down silk streams and they were doing flips and stuff until the doors opened.  “Mommy that was cool!” Janet breathed in heavenly because she wasn’t sure just how the night would end.  The crowd roars as Mahem steps on stage.  He slowly walks the length of the stage as the crowd chants his name repeatedly.  Janet is consumed with emotion part of her wants to hold on to him for dear life, part wishes they didn’t break up, while some of her regrets the night Meesha was conceived, but most of her wants to slap him silly for not being there for her and in Meesha’s life.  He looks over to the side as the light goes down on him and a ray of multi colored lights flash on and off.  The music starts and Mahem starts to dance.  Janet like the rest of the crowd has become transfixed on the man and his seemingly impossible dance moves.  “BOOM” a dancer looks as if he were bore from the explosion and lands in perfect step with Mahem. Twelve BOOMs later Mahem take the microphone “How are you doing?”  The crowed screams.  He kind of laughs.  “I’m glad you all made it tonight! [he chuckles in the microphone to himself] I’m glad that you all came to the show. I hope it will be everything and more than what you were expecting.” 

The lights go down for about five minutes while everyone hangs on to everything they see…  A light over here then a flash of lightening over their drums then guitars.  It seems like everyone holding their breath until the show starts.  The five minutes feels like a life time.  Then there is Mehem, the band and all the dancers.  The dancers start dancing with no music from left to right and the music starts when Mahem starts to dance. 

“Mommy that was whoo- I don’t know what to say WHOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO” Janet looks at the sparkle in her daughters’ eyes and all of a sudden it flashes on her.  The girl moves like him too.  While they are being rushed to the back-stage area Janet watches Meesha who is trying to cut in line; she is making comparisons of her daughters’ strange fascination of moving like animals and Mahems dance moves and for the first time she thinks that child ain’t nothin’ like me!  She flashed on her anger that child came out looking like, acting like, she sure does have his personality, and I’m the one who has been raising her with no help from him!  she says to herself “I hope things come off good tonight. I just might kill him.”   

They hear whistles and at the same time Janet and Meesha are being pulled from the crowd by security.  They are being rushed and, in the confusion,, Janet is having her arm tugged on by Meesha “Mommy what’s going on?”  Janet is looking around I don’t know is what she thinks as she sees her child take on the badger formation.  She taps Meesha on the shoulder “Be calm. Let’s see what is happening first.”  So Meesha takes on the Possum stile… calm until irritated.  “Mommy where’s my dad!?”  Janet did not want that question as they were being rushed and she grabbed Meesha by the arm she still didn’t want Meesha to know that Mahem was her dad but had to tell her something.  She had no idea what to say then they were lead into a room.  

“Hello Janet” It was Mahem.  Then he came to Meesha and he saw his own eyes.  Meesha spoke while the room was quiet.  “Mahem ummm Mr. Mahem.  I think you are the coolest and I really enjoyed your show. [she went on and on how fantastic the show was] but I was supposed to meet my Daddy here tonight and I think he may be in the crowd with the other peo-” Mahem cuts her off.  He walks all around looks back and forth between Janet and Meesha.  He strokes his chin as he watches Meesha get into some sort of animal position. “What are you?” Meesha answers “I’m an Eagle [she changes position] I’m an Owl!”  Meesha steps back into a corner and makes her eyes big enough to watch everyone. 

Janet after taking in the whole scene realizes that they are one in the same, but two totally different people.   

Janet falls to the floor.  Meesha gets out of position.  Now she is Doctor, emergency personnel or what she needs to be. “Call 911 she has a weak heart!!!  Do it now!!! Momma you will be ok. Momma you will be ok you hear me?”  Janet heard her daughters’ desperate cries for her to be ok as she looked into Mayhem’s eyes and she faded away “Take care of our baby….” Mahem read from Janet’s eyes.  Mahem looks at Meesha and for the first time sees the child, his child. 

  He recalls when he heard that Janet was pregnant he was so excited that he told Venus {who was unable to bear children} about Janet being pregnant.  Venus was very worried that Mahem {he had not told her his real name, and she had at the same time not done the research to find it} and Janet knew not only that but everything else about him.  The she was upset that she knew Janet knew more about Mahem than she did! She should know more about him… we’re married! 

The ambulances arrive, and Janet is taken to the hospital.  While in the waiting room Meesha sits all alone.  She had called grandpa and left a message about what happened.  Meham snapped out of what he was in and wanted to be there for his daughter… He thought “This is my daughte-” then he snapped back into reality as he listens to her calling her grandpa 

Mahem “Where is Jack? you get back to me with Jack!!!”  He calls all the numbers he must reach Jack… to no avail.  He is wanting to be with Meesha.  He calls the security team. “I need to go there, and the girl is not only a fan, but [he starts to cry] that is my child! I NEED TO GET THERE…. NO PRESS… NOTHING!!!” 

Meesha is sitting there wondering where her Daddy is.  Mahem walks up before Meesha could say anything “Did you call Jimmy and Ruth?”  Meehsa looked confused…  “Meesha I am your father. did you call your grandparents?”  Meesha looked down and said, “Yes but grandma is dead, and I have new grandma.”  Seeing the pain in her eyes Meham said “I’m your Daddy and I’m here with and for you.” he had no idea why those words came to of his mouth, but he felt relieved when Meesha ran hugged and buried her head into him.  

The security staff know the drill.  They send a car to the airport and the press follows the car. 

“Hello breaking news from the Mahem concert tonight. We have Mark on the scene.  Mark tell us what is happening?” 

“Well Dan it appears that people who had VIP tickets to meet Mahem tonight found out that those tickets were not honored tonight!”  

“I bought those tickets months ago! and and I planned everything out tonight!!! Now we been told that our tickets are no good and -” 

Mark cuts in “You see we have a lot of unhappy people tonight, but I see Mahem going into a car ….. Mahem? Mahem! —”   

Dan breaks in “Well we have a developing story tonight and we’ll have updates on the Mahem at Mayhems show and what happened later.  News at eleven.” 

On the way to the hospital Meesha sits quietly… and soon the thoughts and feelings kick in.  She remembers grandma watching a movie with her and falling asleep.  She got the remote control and finished watching the movie instead of going to bed. So, she watched more movies and fell asleep. She woke, yawned and saw that grandma was still laying there.  She thought [I get to send her to bed] chucking to herself she went to wake grandma she didn’t wake.  She laid next to her trying to shake her awake then she tried making a lot of noise and the door opened and her grandpa walked in from his night shift job. She immediately runs to him “Grandma won’t wake up!”… 

she remembers the people coming to the house, grandpa crying with his hands on her shoulders as she stood watching in front of him, then taking her, grandpa getting on the phone and momma meeting at the hospital.  All of this was rolling thru her mind when she felt a soft but strong-arm wrap around her. 

Mahem kissed her on the head. “Where is Momma?” He stroked the side of her face when she sees grandpa walk in. She runs, and grabs hold of him, he pulls her close and offers his hand to Mahem who had ran up to him looking like a deer caught in the headlights “Sir-” The dr walks in. 

                                                                                                                       Chapter 3 

With tears welding in his eyes “Sir my daughter needs to be with me and I need to be with her.” Just then Mahem was recognized “OMG I can’t believe I— OMG I gotta-” Meham grabbed grabbed her phone while she was texting “I sorry, but I need privacy here.” He removed one of his sequins showed it to her “You can have this if you do not tell.” She looks at him with big wide-open eyes and agrees. He hands it to her and holds her hand “I trust you.” puts his hand down and walks away from her in silence. He felt safe because she worked at the hospital as a candy striper. 

Jimmy thought about the exchange “Mahem you have some business to take care of until you do that she will be with us.”  They shook hands and went in to say goodbye. As they walked out Meesha was falling asleep on her new grandma’s arm.  Mahem walks over “Come to daddy baby” Meesha sleepily transfers from her shoulder to his.  He looked Jimmy in the eye “One week!” and walked out.