Grandpa’s Art

This was a piece of art that my Grandpa made. I have a story about everything. Without further delay.

So Grandpa and I used to collect silver beau dollars. Well truth be told he used to collect them and for a while he was a positive person in my life so I started collecting them so we would have more in common. We used to walk, play checkers and I thought adding the Beau dollars would be a benefit. It was for a while we would talk about the, compare the quality, discuss where and when we got them. My collection started getting up there so he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I could give him my silver dollars and when he died I got his… This was $37 bucks… worth more because they were silver dollar coins… So years later he died. Mom came bac from the funeral with this picture complaining that she “took” this and she had to pay for the funeral because she was the only one working. I didn’t too much care about that. I listened as I looked thru her stuff, pretended to help her unpack. LOL

My coins were not there. I asked around the only info I could get was that possibly a cousin who at that time had drug issues used my coins to buy drugs. I have had this picture in my possession for approximately 30 years now. You can see that pieces have come off. Some have crumbled in my hand because the wood so old. I thought about taking to hobby store and letting them frame for me. I never did. I started making functional art with epoxy… I epoxied it. This is just the 1st coat. I will add a 2nd coat and do the back and sides so it can be sealed and protected… Please feel free to reach out with questions and or ideas.

I think I made out! what do you think