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******************Uncle Joe***********************

Uncle Joe

You were AWESOME.

Whenever I think of you I smile.

I’ve seen you laugh.

I’ve seen you mad.

Man, you had my back.

I remember.

Life went on and

Times got tough.

Days sometimes hours

 felt like weeks as

The years went by. We would

Only see or talk when there was

Times of sorrow or hardship.

I was so devastated when I heard

You had your final party.

In the years since when I think of it

I see your fear, your desperation.

I think…

I think I wanted to think life was dark and dank for you, because I wasn’t there.

It may have been a struggle, but we had each other!

We would have enjoyed time for once.

It would have gone by fast.

I don’t miss you because I carry you in my heart.

Thank you for coming to visit I had a blast with you.

Love you

Uncle Joe

Sonya Howard


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  1. I was sitting the porch one night half asleep and I started dreaming of my Uncle Joe we got dressed up and had no money, but we had a blast going out… I wrote this the next day

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