Home made deodorant

So cousin Alice ( and I created an Instagram video where I made the product, This was a first for me. The first time making deodorant and the first time using Instagram live. This is the recipe I was following Check it out let me know if you have any questions. If you …

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Stephenson’s suspension base.

I like it. Compared to the regular translucent melt and pour bases the suspension base kind of looks like a large amount of slime or spit. In it’s defense it is easy to work with. My colors don’t blend and I can create this effect. I did a video showing me doing what I do.

#MondayThoughts – A New Star

Greg Jeanneau at unsplash The stars are brighter There is a new arrival Shining immensely *Dedicated to my beautiful mother who passed away on the morning of her 92nd birthday, July 2nd, 2021. Amazing love #MondayThoughts – A New Star


Gifted to Bushboy by Fandango Last seen swimming off to who knows where? Answers to the name of Lottie Please check your swimming pool– a tsunami could indicate Lottie Is Lottie is pining and gone looking for love? Did Bushboy forget her favourite peanuts? (Nobbys Nuts her favourite BB) Contact Fandango, Bushboy or FCS if …


Grandpa’s Art

This wood picture carving was completed by my grandfather. My mother came back with it when her father died. I have been carrying around with me for approximately 30 years. As you can see pieces have chipped off of it. I finally epoxied it to preserve what is left. Do you have old delicate art …

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unfinished story I started. Tell me what should happen next.

Go fish                                                                                             written by                                                                                          Sonya Howard  “Momma can we go to the fish store?  Momma please Please Momma PLEASE?” The lady looks down at her daughters’ big begging eyes as she is squirming to get her hand away.   Janet investigates the pet store and sees the woman behind the counter that she’s knows from countless visits to the pet store.  She …

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